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Munising History


From first settlers to current, here's a brief History lesson on the city of Munising history.


We've also incorporated a History post, where viewers can seek and ask question about Munising and it's History. Feel free to post your Munising History questions and answers.




First Settlers to Munising:
A Short History of the City of Munising


City of Munising Profile:
Ringed by dramatic high, forested hills, Munising looks out across an attractive, often sparkling-blue Lake Superior bay.


Munising At Present:
The City of Munising today. The City of Munising at the Present time has a population of 2,806.


Alger County Facts:
Munising, Alger County facts and statistics



Munising, Michigan History Post


Would you like more Munising history information? Have you got Munising history questions? Do you have Munising history information you would like to share??? Post your history questions on our Munising History board or share your information with others.




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