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West Side of Forest

Scenic Autumn Auto Tour


Use the Hiawatha National Forest as a starting point for following the spectacular colors of fall, as they blaze their way south.













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Autumn Color Highway M-94 During late September, the 879.000 acres of the Hiawatha National Forest begin radiating the colors of crimson, yellow, gold, green. and brown.


At this time of year the woods, water, flora and fauna are richly picturesque. Campgrounds are in their grandeur and are not crowded. Fishing for salmon and trout is excellent.




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Munising Falls, Munising Michigan The Hiawatha has over 30 varieties of trees which provide a rainbow of colors. The maple, oak, birch. beech, and aspen provide the reds, golds and yellows. The pines, spruce, hemlock and cedar provide the greens and the lakes provide different hues of blue.


Hike the many trails or drive the network of roads throughout the forest. Use this guide for your auto tour or pick up additional information on camping and hiking at our area offices listed below, It is a good idea to also pick up a detailed map of the Forest, The map shows towns, points of interest, and picnic and camping areas.


Please remember that the roads through a forest may be gravel or dirt and may be single or double lane, Please drive carefully.


Hiawatha National Forest Auto Tour Map
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Rapid River Ranger District
U.S. 2
Rapid River, MI 49878
(906) 474-6442


Manistique Ranger District
U.S. 2
Manistique, MI 49854
(906) 341-5666


Munising Ranger District
601 Cedar
Munising, MI’ 49862
(906) 387-2512


Why The Colors?


Autumn Colored Leaves Leaves turn colors when the primary pigment of chlorophyll disappears. Chlorophyll is used by plants for food and makes the leaves green. Less and less chlorophyll is produced as the fall season approaches. As the chlorophyll disappears the other pigments in the leaves become visible. These other pigments may be red. brown, yellow or orange.