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Drunk Driving Facts


Drunk Driving Facts

Here are some interesting drunk driving facts that aren’t commonly discussed but important to those who may be potentially facing a DUI or drunk driving related offense:


• Drunk driving and DUI laws vary from state to state as do the potential punishments.

• Drunk driving offenses are considered DUI criminal offenses in every state across the nation.

• Repeat DUI offenses are considered from other states should you re-offend in a different state.

• Almost every state in the U.S. shares DUI information with the other states when you attempt to transfer licenses.

• Your employer will most likely find out about your DUI or criminal drunk driving offense.

• Your auto insurance is certainly affected by a drunk driving offense by being required to carry what’s known as a SR22 insurance policy. The SR22 is a ‘high risk’ type of auto insurance policy that the state DMV requires in order to force the auto insurance company to notify them (the DMV) should the auto insurance company cease to provide coverage for you for any reason. The policy is named after the form that the DMV requires; form SR22.

• Even after a 1st offense DUI you will be required to complete an alcohol abuse program regardless of your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) or the circumstances of your arrest/ conviction.

Overall DUI and/or drunk driving related offenses are serious offenses and you should seek out the help and assistance of a criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights and best interests. The lawyer you select should focus their practice of law exclusively on DUI defense if you want the best possible representation.

DUI Arrest provides everything there is to know about DUI/ drunk driving for offenders. Get a free consultation with a DUI lawyer and/or find the best deals on SR22 insurance

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