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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Corporation Facts


Harley Davidson Tidbits of Facts and Information


- In 1903 the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle is sold.


- Harley Davidson put a small engine on a bicycle in 1903. They built their first motorcycle (only one) in 1904. The first bikes built for sale were in 1905. 


- Panhead A term used to describe a type of motor Harley used in their motorcycles from '48 to '65.


- Harley-Davidson built push-bikes between 1917 and 1923


- During the First World War Harley-Davidson provided more than twenty thousand Harley Davidson bikes.


- In 1966 Harley Davidson introduced the "shovel head" engine.


- In 1991 All Harleys change to five speed transmission.




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Harley-Davidson Facts Conclusion

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