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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Information


Harley Davidson Information Central


Historic Harley Davidson - CLICK FOR FULL VIEWYou made the grade... you're a proud owner of a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. But how informed are you about Harley-Davidson background history and information


Don't get caught along the curb not knowing a few Harley facts for goodness sakes. There's actually quite a long and withstanding history behind the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company.  It's nostalgia, it's mystique and it's ever-lasting duration has made it a symbol of excitement beyond traveling the highways and byways of American motorcycling development. 


You've come a long way Baby!


Who would have ever known, back in the 60's, that "rough-necked" named Harley Davidson bikers would be so instrumental in their charity and generosity distributed through their motorcycle clubs, groups and organizations in today's motorcycle world? The following Harley Davidson Motorcycle links are what the World Wide Web is all about when searching for Harley Davidson information. We hope you enjoy them as much as wee have in searching for them.



Harley Davidson Facts and Information


- Harley Davidson History & Time Line
A comprehensive time line of Harley Davidson achievements. From it's beginning in 1903 to their first fuel injected models in 1995.  Amazing facts and valuable information. 




Harley Davidson Library


"Harley-Davidson: An Illustrated History"
by Shaun Barrington
Terrific pictures. Not quite as "party line" as the Big Book.


"Sit Down, Shut Up, and Hang on, a Biker's Guide to Life"
Penny Powers & Chuck Hays
One-liners, one to a page, with humorous sketches. A fifteen minute fun-read.

Growing Up Harley-Davidson: Memoirs of a Motorcycle Dynasty
by Jean Davidson
Insightful look into the Davidson family by one who lived it.


Well Made in America: Lessons From Harley-Davidson on Being the Best
by Peter C Reid
A fascinating look from the outside at  the '80's when the company bought itself back from AMF, and the ground-up reorganization of how the company did business so it wouldn't have to sell out again.


"The Harley-Davidson Motorcycle"
Written by a whole bunch of different writers, one for each chapter.
Covers the whole history, organized by engine type (a chapter each on Knuckleheads, Panheads, Shovelheads, etc.)
Copyright in 2005, so it takes the history right to present-day, with a pretty detailed chapter on the making of the Twin-Cam 88.



Harley-Davidson Site Articles, Information & News Links of Interest


- Harley Davidson Motorcycle Articles of Interest
Information Articles on and about Harley Davidson Motorcycles.


- Legendary History of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
In 1903 the very first Harley Davidson motorcycles were made available to the public when William Harley and his friend Arthur Davidson produced one built as a racing motorcycle


- Harley-Davidson Facts
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Tidbits of Facts and Information. History, information and links of interest.


- Know the difference between Genuine OEM and Aftermarket Harley-Davidson Parts
Do you know the difference between Genuine OEM Harley-Davidson Parts and Aftermarket Harley Parts? If not, this article will explain it all and guide you to a better understanding in determining buying Harley motorcycle parts.


- Harley Davidson Motorcycle News
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Company - Google News, Information and Articles


- Harley-Davidson Glossary of  Motorcycle Terms
Glossary of most often used Harley Davidson Motorcycle Terms




Harley Information Conclusion

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