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Motorcycle Tires Motorcycle tires may seem difficult to de-code at first.  Here is a simple guide to unlocking the information on the sidewall of you motorcycle tires.  You will see a series of numbers on your sidewall i.e. 130/90HB-16 What these numbers stand for is the tire width, aspect ratio, speed rating, construction type and rim diameter. 


For instance, the 130 stands for 130mm of tread width. The 90 stands for the aspect ratio (sidewall height) which is a percentage, so for a 130/90 the aspect ratio/sidewall is 90% of the tread width or 117mm.


The next number (speed rating) determines what speed, that this tire is designed to be safely operated.   In this example, the H speed rating means that tire has a maximum speed rating of 130 MPH. V-rated tires have a maximum speed rating of 149MPH and Z-rated is 149+MPH.  This doesn’t mean it is ok to break the speed limit, it simply means the manufacturer has certified that tire to be capable of those speeds. 



Last but not least is the rim diameter.  You couldn’t very well stretch a 16 tire on a 18 inch rim, so it’s important to you to know what size rim your dealing with when replacing tires.  We cannot recommend a tire size or speed rating less than what the factory equipped your bike with, please don’t ask.  However we will get you the best  prices, on the best motorcycle tire brands for you motorcycle.


The Next letter designation stands for the construction of the tire itself.  In this example, the B stands for Bias construction, meaning the tire is a bias ply, not a radial.  You will see an R in this place if the tire is of radial construction.



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