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Scenic Autumn Auto Tour - Hiawatha National Forest
During late September, the 879.000 acres of the Hiawatha National Forest begin radiating the colors of crimson, yellow, gold, green. and brown.  Informative Auto Tour Information & Map


Bay Furnace Campground & Picnic Area
Bay Furnace Campground and Picnic Area is located in Alger County. It is 5 miles west of Munising on M28, on the south shore of Lake Superior, at Christmas.


Au Train Lake Campground
Au Train lake Campground is located in Alger County, about 10 miles west of Munising. Au Train Lake is the largest inland lake in the area. It is an 830-acre lake with a maximum depth of 30 ft. and an average depth of 12 ft.


Munising, Michigan Attractions
Munising attractions offer its visitors four very unique vacation seasons to explore and enjoy... whether its summer foot travel hiking its elaborate trail system along Pictured Rocks or snowmobiling the deep Hiawatha National Forest,