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Since 1997, has been a major player in bringing informative Michigan Upper Peninsula travel and tourism resources to our viewers.


Since then and thanks to our viewer's input, we've come a long way in making our Munising website user friendly. Here are some tips and hints on how to make your visit with us an enjoyable experience.


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1.) Link with red asterisk *
While viewing our web pages, when ever you encounter a red asterisk * after a titled link, it's your sign that once it is clicked, the link will open a new browser window on your computer. We do this so that you will not will not loose navigation while browsing external links within our website. Otherwise, all links on our website are internal links to pages that lie there within.


2.) Images & Graphics
While navigating our web pages having images and graphics, always run your mouse over them to receive additional information. Some images and graphics are oftentimes links to relevant information or a link to a larger image or graphic size view.


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