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Why the World Wide Web?

Why your business needs the World Wide Web Who Is Doing Business on the World Wide Web?

By the 21st century it will be difficult to find an industry that will be untouched by the World Wide Web. While the Web is relatively new, its potential for streamlining business and providing vital resources to your market is virtually limitless.

Companies are using the Web to improve service by providing direct and timely information. It saves money on costly 800 numbers, phone-lines, and answering phone calls. Firms using the Internet can offer high-quality self-service, with round-the-clock up-to-the-minute information.

The time for your company to get involved is now!



Businesses who want to remain competitive are entering the world of the Internet. The Web is empowering even the most modest user. With the cost of computers going down and Internet service prices remaining affordable, more and more consumers--potential customers--are able to access the World Wide Web (WWW).

The Internet is used by many people who are shopping on line buying books, music and ordering products and services from businesses like you. We live in a time when children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens around the world are taking advantage of the resources available on the Internet. Many people hook up to the World Wide Web for entertainment. Others are shopping on-line, buying anything from books, clothes and music to booking travel arrangements and ordering computer equipment. Some use the Internet to investigate new products and services, or to contact companies about their orders, products and services.

Many businesses, such as (books) and CD Now (music), sell their merchandise only on the WWW. Others, such as Office Max, Walmart and The Gap, have expanded their businesses by selling retail products in stores and on the WWW. Name-brand products sell well on the Internet because of consumer familiarity.

If your business is not exposed on the Internet, check to see if your competition is. Many businesses these days are being left behind because their competition is taking advantage of the World Wide Web's resources without them. Do you want this to happen to you?

The WWW offers companies practical advantages to providing unique and valuable services to their customers. Here are just a few reasons why businesses are taking advantage of the Internet's WWW resources:

• It's Cost-Effective
• It Improves Customer Service
• It Allows Access to 100 Million Potential Customers in the USA
• It's Available 24 Hours a Day

What a Web Site Can Provide Your Business

Every Web site is different and can be personalized to meet each company's needs and objectives. Your company's web site could provide:

• E-commerce (On-line Ordering)
• World-wide Marketing
• Product & Service Descriptions
• Direct E-Mail Access
• Electronic Catalogs
• Notice of Upcoming Events
• Mailing List Expansion
• Automated Customer Service • Referral Services
• Member & Customer Expansion
• Educational Information

The features that a Web site could provide are endless. As more and more consumers are accessing the WWW, the more essential it is for businesses who want to remain competitive to be exposed on the Web.

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